I had leg lengthening on both the tibias and the femurs, in summer 2018. I've gained 3 inches (7.5cm), and and a wealth of knowledge about this procedure.

If you have any questions or doubts about height increase via leg lengthening surgery, I'm happy to help. I'm extremely busy at this time of my life, so it has to be worth it for both of us. My rate is USD 250/hour and I use secure messaging for both our privacy. I do not keep logs.

Should you be interested in a consultation, please contact me on Wire (@overrideyourgenetics) to book a consultation, so I can answer all your questions about:

  • choice of doctor (safety vs. cost)
  • device options (internal vs. external, PRECISE vs. STRYDE)
  • stature proportions (tibias:femurs ratio, wingspan)
  • financing the surgery (loans, crypto, alternative financing)
  • accommodation options (hotels vs. Airbnb)
  • preparations and logistics (roadmap, getting your life in order)
  • pain management (prescription vs. OTC, alternatives)
  • diet and supplementation (bone building diets)
  • patient advocacy (how to get what you need from doctors)
  • physical therapy (exercises pre- and post- op)
  • recovery (tools and exercises)
  • overall mindset and life advice
  • anything else that comes to mind

I've made a number of mistakes during the process. This is your chance to learn from them, and avoid making your own. Leg lengthening is scary, painful, but ultimately, one of the most life-changing things you can do. Do it right.