After having done extensive amounts of research on all aspects of leg lengthening, and having undergone the procedure (March - June 2018), I'm happy to share my expertise with others interested in it.

To book a consultation, please email me at I can advise on:

  • choice of doctor (safety vs. cost)
  • device options (internal vs. external, PRECISE vs. STRYDE)
  • stature proportions (tibias:femurs ratio, wingspan)
  • financing the surgery (loans, crypto, alternative financing)
  • accommodation options (hotels vs. Airbnb)
  • preparations and logistics (roadmap, getting your life in order)
  • pain management (prescription vs. OTC, alternatives)
  • diet and supplementation (bone building diets)
  • patient advocacy (how to get what you need from doctors)
  • physical therapy (exercises pre- and post- op)
  • overall mindset and life advice