STRYDE is the newest type of intramedullary nail used for limb lengthening surgeries. It was developed by NuVasive, the makers of the most widely used nail currently (PRECICE) in collaboration with Dr. Paley, the leading orthopedic surgeon specialized in limb lengthening and deformity correction. STRYDE was FDA approved in April 2018 and began being used on the first patients in May.

The major advantage of the STRYDE nail is that the largest diameter, suitable for use in the femurs, has a weight bearing capacity of 220lbs per leg. This means that patients will be fully weight bearing during the distraction phase, something impossible with the PRECICE nail. Other nails (e.g. Albizzia/Guichet) also offer weight bearing, but they are the clicking type (which is painful enough that patients dread the lengthening) and are not reversible. In case of non-union, it is vital that the nail be reversed until the bone reconsolidates. Failure to do so can result in extremely unfortunate outcomes.

Today I met the first STRYDE patient. He's aware of the forums but is mindful of his privacy and said he wasn't going to post a diary. Fortunately, he was fine with me disclosing some non-identifiable details about his experience:

  • Had femurs surgery last week and looks in great shape and positive
  • 5'8" going for 5'11". The 8cm is the nail's max but Dr. Paley said the recovery will be much better than for the old nail patients who aimed for 8cm.
  • Dr. Paley said he should be able to walk without assistance in three weeks, and that he should come to PT using a walker instead of the wheelchair as soon as possible
  • He could stand without a walker for 30 seconds.
  • The post-op pain manifests mostly at night.

Update three weeks later, June 14

The STRYDE patient is now at one month post-op. He can walk without crutches but chose to use crutches still, for safety.